While living with animals might not be for everyone, there is a growing body of evidence that supports the positive impact pets have on our lives. There’s really no arguing that pets make people happy, and how they manage to lift us up is almost magical.

Best Friends Fur-Ever

There’s nothing like coming home to a wagging, slobbering dog or a meowing, purring cat. They make the best companions, the steadiest observers, and experts at offering unconditional love without delay.

Can’t Fight It

What effect does all this lovely affection do to your own mental health? For starters, your brain produces and releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin in response. This physically makes you feel great, attached, engaged, and appreciated

Experts say that the release of oxytocin has a direct effect on stress levels. What’s more, as you gaze into your pet’s eyes, stroke their back, and talk lovingly to them, your heart rate slows and your blood pressure naturally decreases.

How Pets Make People Happy

The ability to provide for all the needs of a pet makes us feel fulfilled, and that satisfaction fuels our happiness. Ask any pet owner and they’ll confirm that their pets have made their lives more meaningful and complete simply by being there.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons how pets make people happy is by motivating them to exercise. If you’re getting out and about in your neighborhood with your dog, chances are your connection to the place will develop and deepen. Dogs are fantastic conversation-starters, and they help people make new friends. Building healthy habits together is what it’s all about!

So Much More

Social bonds and physical activity both feature in the long-term health of people at any stage in life. Decreased loneliness or isolation can positively impact the effects of depression and anxiety, and pets do all that and more. Research has proven that pets ease symptoms of bipolar disorder, post- traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety.

All Pets, All Love

While people commonly espouse the myriad benefits of pet ownership and championship, the truth is all pets make people happy. Lizards, birds, snakes, and pocket pets all have amazing effects on human happiness, and have the capability to connect, engage, and bond.

Pets also add structure to our days. This can help alleviate stress and anxiety, plus it feels good to keep a pet on track with meals, bathroom breaks, exercise times, and rest. This sense of order, routine, and balance provides important meaning and joy to our day to day existence.

Throughout Life

Pets make people happy, regardless of our age, lifestyle, and previous experiences. The opportunity to live with animals is a beautiful thing, and we’re here to support every pet and their owner.

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