The national pet care market doubled between 2011 and 2021, from $50 billion to approximately $123 billion, and is expected to continue to rise each year. In fact, with over $30 billion spent on pet food alone every year, the pressure on pet care trends will likely only intensify in the coming years. Keeping up with fads can be exhausting. You never really know what’s going to stick, and without the benefit of time, safety and efficacy aren’t always clear. We can help pet owners understand and navigate pet care trends all with the goal of meeting every pet’s needs.

Wins for Hygiene

Who knows what our ancestors would think about pet wipes, but with more than 300 different types of pet wipes for sale on Amazon, it seems this ranks high on the list of emerging pet care trends. Used to clean up after your pet when they go potty, pet wipes have seen steady sales and rising popularity.

Similarly, self-cleaning, robotic litter boxes are increasingly common with the feline-owning set. While these don’t fully remove waste from the box, it does separate clumps into an easy to remove chamber. With a seemingly empty box nearly all the time, cats have fewer litter box problems and owners don’t have to race to clean the box daily.

Pretty Litter has emerged as one of the most interesting pet care trends in recent years. It reacts to feline litter and changes color to indicate certain health conditions. Plus, it’s a subscription service delivered right to your door when your cat needs it.

For the Sake of Convenience

Speaking of mail-order services, among the most important pet care trends is really any website that ships high-quality pet care products for free. Sites like are leaders in pet e-commerce, and they make keeping up with pet care trends easy and fun. With a jump in revenue to $7.51 billion, Chewy was all the rage during the height of the pandemic.

Dog Food Trends

You’ve probably seen a lot of hype around raw dog foods, gluten-free food, and grain-free foods, and now freeze-dried products are popping up. Without knowing the brand and ingredients it’s challenging to say if these products are safe to feed your dog. As with any changes to their diet and nutrition, we recommend contacting us before making any changes. These are definitely pet care trends that should be heavily researched.

Sustainable Pet Care Trends

The statistics show that pet owners are deeply concerned about the health, wellness, safety, and happiness of their pets.

Some pet owners are torn over whether or not to adopt or shop. For some, it seems like a natural choice to work with a responsible breeder who can ensure safe practices and save a specific puppy or kitten for your family. Interestingly, about a quarter of all dogs found in shelters are purebred. However, according to the ASPCA, only about 23% of dogs are adopted from shelters and 34% are bought from breeders (others are given by family members/friends and/or adopted as strays).

In the new year, we hope you’ll reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have about your pet’s wellness and safety. Our staff is always happy to help you at All Pet Animal Hospital.