Your dog or cat is an important part of the family. They curl up on the couch while you watch TV, and sometimes they just hop up for an extra dose of ear scratches. Saying they thrive on attention is an understatement.

Since you spend so much time with your pets, however, you might wonder if some of your common behaviors might be harmful for your pets. If you vape, for example, you might be wondering if it could harm them. You don’t want to do anything that would damage your pet’s health. Is it okay to vape near pets? All Pet Animal Hospital is here to answer this question for you.

Can Vaping Kill Cats?

Your cat’s delicate systems are susceptible to damage from numerous pet toxins. Propylene glycol, a primary component of e-cigarettes, is one of the major offenders. You might be familiar with propylene glycol, as it’s used in “pet-safe antifreeze.” This compound is advertised as less toxic compared to ethylene glycol-containing antifreeze.

However, propylene glycol is dangerous to your cat. If she slurps up your e-juice, she’ll likely develop a case of Heinz body anemia. This serious blood disease affects feline red blood cells. Affected cats display a fever, skin discoloration, pale lips and gums, loss of appetite, and sudden weakness.

If your cat has one (or more) of these symptoms, and you think she has ingested e-juice, she needs emergency veterinary care. A mild case of Heinz body anemia is generally treatable. However, an untreated (or severe) case could lead to death.

Can Dogs be Allergic to Vape Smoke?
Your dog uses his keen sense of smell to find food fallout and tasty treats. However, he may also be attracted to the sweet scent of vape smoke. Because the aroma originates from you, he’ll likely get a hefty dose of nicotine vapors while he burrows with you on the couch.

Unfortunately, your dog could be allergic to the vape smoke. Breathing in these harmful fumes could also cause him to develop cardiovascular problems or respiratory illnesses.

Can I Vape in the Same Room as My Pets?

Vaping can expose your pets to two harmful substances. Because you want your pets to stay healthy, vaping around your pets is not recommended.

Vaping Chemicals

Inhaling vaping chemicals exposes your pets to dangerous toxins. This exposure can cause respiratory conditions plus lung, sinus, or nasal cavity cancer.

E-Juice Ingredients

Your e-juice contains two hazardous ingredients. Your cat or dog will love the pleasant e-juice aroma, so they’ll probably try to take a sip. Unfortunately, e-juice contains propylene glycol, the ingestion of which can trigger Heinz body anemia in your cat or dog.

E-juice also contains nicotine, often in stronger concentrations than a standard cigarette. If your pet consumes this powerful substance, they could easily die without immediate medical care.

If you have pets, you should always store your vaping supplies in a secure cabinet. Dispose of vaping trash in a hard-to-open can. Vaping outside is the best strategy. If that’s not possible, vape in a room inaccessible to your pets.

If you’re concerned about your pet’s health, your All Pet Animal Hospital veterinarian will give them a nose-to-tail wellness exam. Call for an appointment, and receive answers to your vaping-related questions.