In-House Laboratory and Pharmacy

In-house laboratory and pharmacy services are available at our animal hospital to help keep your costs down and your visit efficient. Our pharmacy is fully stocked with your pet’s medications, carefully selected by our doctors, competitively priced, and here for your convenience.

In-House Laboratory and Pharmacy in Gibsonia, PA

At All Pet Animal Hospital, we know that when your pet isn’t feeling well, you are eager to find out why and get them back to their usual selves.

In-House Laboratory and Pharmacy

Our on-site veterinary laboratory allows us to have “on the spot” lab work completed as quickly as possible so that we can focus on helping your pet feel better fast.

Routine lab tests allow us to get a complete picture of your pet’s overall health, which is especially important before any surgery is scheduled. Annual blood work and fecal testing allow us to make sure that your pet is disease and parasite free. When other health issues are a concern, we can conduct specialized testing to determine your pet’s illness or allergies.

Pet Wellness Care Services

Some of the testing we offer in our veterinary laboratory includes:

  • Complete blood count, or CBC
  • Viral testing for feline diseases, including FeLV and FIV
  • Fecal testing for parasites
  • Canine heartworm
  • Blood chemistry
  • Giardia
  • Parvovirus
  • Urinalysis
  • Bacterial and fungal cultures
  • Tick disease panel (Lyme’s Disease)